Phu Lam Agri Invest Joint Stock Company (Phu Lam Corporation), previously known as Phu Lam Company Limited, was established in 2016 in Quang Nghia Commune, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province. With a vast project area of 1,000ha and total investment of 1,700 billion VND (approx. 72.5 million USD), Phu Lam has been the largest agricultural investment project in Quang Ninh.See more »




Phu Lam attributes its brand integrity with top quality products to the combination of complete
feedlot management, procedures in husbandry, slaughtering, storage and distribution; together with favorable conditions within animal husbandry area of Quang Ninh, Phu Lam.

AusiBeef Fresh beef

Nurturing the aspiration of Quang Ninh as a miniature Vietnam with a mild climate, AusiBeef
hopes to bring fresh and delicious beef products, preserving their best flavors from Australia, to Vietnamese families for delicious, safe and nutritious meals…

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Phu Lam Chill Beef

For us, family meal is the foundation of a stable home, it’s a fire to keep the reunion moments of family members warm. For those meaningful values, Phu Lam’s chill beef has its mission to bring the best quality products with high nutrition value, natural sweet flavor and tenderness to the table, contributing in the creation of such precious family time…

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Processed Beef Products

For products processed from beef such as sausages, salami, beef rolls, seasoning powder, Phu Lam especially invests in a modern production line from Europe. We aim to produce high quality and food safety products for distribution in supermarkets, grocery shops and restaurants. Phu Lam is striving for being the most prestigious company in the field of food products 100% processed from Australia standard meat.

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Live Cattle

Phu Lam cattle herd is imported directly from Australia, including breeds such as Angus, Droughtmaster, Brahman with outstanding meat quality. To ensure meat quality, Phu Lam has a very strict health control protocol for cattle from its entrance to the feedlot till slaughtering so that it is free from diseases, sickness or death during husbandry…

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Phu Lam Hot meat

Phu Lam also focuses on investment in modern slaughtering and boning facilities, towards automation lines meeting EU standards. Therefore, hot meat from Phu Lam cattle is increasingly popular in the market…

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Microbial Organic Fertilizer

Phu Lam is a pioneer in bringing a complete production line to produce our own cattle feed, process cattle manure into organic fertilizer under Phu Lam Fertilizer brand and introduce to market, which creates value added for our the chain…

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Phu Lam feedlot is assessed by Australian experts to have the best technical infrastructure in Vietnam, meeting Global GAP standard, which is the global standard for developing good agricultural practice to guarantee safe and sustainable production.

The project location has favorable soil and climate conditions for growing good quality and highly yield crops. For feed security, Phu Lam also coordinates with surrounding farms to exclusively purchase their corn crops in order to secure 2,000ha/ crop. Other feed components like dried palm will be imported directly from well-established Malaysian corporations…


Along with the feedlot infrastructure system, Phu Lam abattoir and meat processing plant are also invested with modern technology, ensuring food safety and hygiene protocol meeting ISO 22000: 2005 standards. The slaughtering, boning, processing and distributing procedures of Phu Lam are standardized by Australian experts, which is the outstanding advantage of the company.


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“In Phu Lam, I see a great determination of the management board and every individual staff to build up a leading brand in the field of import, husbandry and supplying nutritious beef products with highest food safety standards. With a clear plan, Phu Lam will surely be more and more supported by consumers. ”

Mark Beccham – Australian chill meat expert

“Quang Ninh has a very suitable climate and soil for cattle husbandry. Phu Lam has utilized that favorable condition and took proper pioneering steps in developing a full-scale infrastructure system to boost importing, husbandry, slaughtering, meat processing to bring Australia-standard beef to Vietnam market.”

Michael Patching – Director, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)

“When I visit Phu Lam feedlot, I find it a large-scale, well-managed and fully equipped to raise Australia cattle.”

Mr.William Watson Australian – William Watson – Head Supervisor of LSS in Southeast Asia

Having witnessed the total process of raising, fattening cattle are conducted meticulously and professionally, I truly believe in the quality of Phu Lam beef when it is distributed in Vietnam market.”

Mr. Scott Booth – Head of Training and Technical Services, Kentmaster Equipment Australia

“I am very confident with the complete 3F model applied in Phu Lam feedlot as well as their serious investment in infrastructure, facilities and modern machinery systems.”

Ms. Nguyen Minh Thu, Quang Ninh